Guitar Gear

29. VIII 2016

ThroBak Humbacker clone PAF pickups

There is a booming cottage industry of PAF clones. ThroBaks are among the best known (for my ears, the best) on the market. They ain’t cheap ($540), but well worth it. Capable of turning pretty much every (decent) guitar into a singing vintage Gibson, or very close to it. Standard pickups of any making just don’t come anywhere close to these.

PG-102 MXV PAF are medium output with following specks: Neck 8.2K Bridge 8.6K, and long A5 magnets. They are wound with the same output specifications as the vintage PAF pickups in the original 1959 Les Paul played by Peter Green and utilizing oriented vintage spec. With the neck magnet flipped for middle position out of phase tones, these PAF humbucker pickup clones give tonal colors made legendary by Peter Green. A stunning variety of tones can be had from simple volume, tone and selector switch adjustment. With coils wound on the ThroBak vintage Leesona 102 winder the PG-102 vintage PAF humbucker pickup clones encapsulates the vintage PAF pickup pickup at its zenith.

Jon Gundry, the owner, was super nice/helpful/patient during our discussion and selection of the specs.



11. IV 2016

Keeley Katana Clean Boost

Keeley’s could easily be the best pedals on the market. All hand made, super nice and helpful stuff. Katana’s my favorite. All one really needs. The pull up mode is absolutely insane.

Just in: Spring Reverb  pedal by Wampler. As good as reverbs get (much better than racks). This is a standard accessory used by the Nashville crowd.